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I was just 9...

I was 9... living in Nigeria... my maid would spend hours in my closet in agonizing pain, and when she emerged, a pile of my clothes would be SOAKED in blood. This happened every few weeks. I later learned that it was her way of dealing with her period. My mother left us temporarily to come back to the US for work, so she was the only menstruating woman in the house. My dad just neglected to buy her pads... it was not always top of mind so she went without. That's how I learned about Period Poverty.

Fast forward decades later...I was SHOCKED to learn it happens here too. In our own backyards, many young women miss school/work/activities as they sit at home on used SOCKS or TOWELS to soak up their menstrual blood because... they cannot afford the monthly expense of pads/tampons (~$30/month) to handle their periods. Imagine failing school due to excessive absences.... because of your period?!

What if we can change that? What if we can give impoverished young women a headstart in life, by equipping them with a sustainable menstrual product that eliminates the need for a monthly expense, gives them the freedom to compete in the world, while reducing environmental waste.

WE CAN! I'm thrilled to announce the creation of SIMPLIFIED, PERIOD!

Donate a cup or menstrual panties so socioeconomics no longer dictate the quality of a young woman's monthly period.

The average cup costs $40 and has a ten year lifespan.... that's powerful!

-Chi, age 39


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