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My First Time

My name is Jessie [last name withheld], and I wanted to share a period story with y’all. I really appreciate, support, and am grateful for your cause, so I wanted to contribute what i can. :)

In 7th grade, I got my first period on a Friday afternoon. Needless to say, I didn’t know exactly what was going on with me — there was reddish brown stuff all over my underwear, and although I knew what a period as a concept was, I was totally baffled by my own. I got home from school and immediately asked my mom what she thought was wrong with me, and she said, of course, that there was nothing wrong, but that I was growing up. She helped me celebrate that messy introduction to a new chapter of life.

Thank you guys again for doing this, and I hope my short story helps!


Jessie L.

16 year old, Philadelphia

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